All organisations require an established project management methodology and culture to consistently deliver projects successfully. With our PMO support services, we assist you in setting up an effective project management system or improving your existing system.

We do this by analysing the present situation, formulating an appropriate plan and then implementing the plan.  

Our PMO support services usually involve providing training, tools, templates and resources you require to effectively manage projects within your organisation.

At Arch-Vision Workgroup, we provide comprehensive PMO consulting services aimed at enhancing project management capabilities of organisations in Nigeria. These project management support services are designed to help organisations develop a successful project management approach for their projects.

The details of these services we provide vary widely according to the requirements of each company. Consequently, we commence this service by first conducting an assessment of the current state of your organisation. This provides us with the insights we require to develop and implement an efficient system for you.

Most times, organisations do not require a full blown PMO but rather a project management system appropriate for their maturity level, the number and types of project they execute.

We also provide PMO support services in Nigeria for existing and ongoing projects.

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PMO Support Services we provide 

There are 3 main categories of PMO support services we provide. Since the needs of organisation differ, we tailor services to suit each need. Furthermore, any of these services we provide usually involve a combination of consulting, training and if necessary deployment of technology.

The PMO Support services we provide include:


This usually involves:


Some of the services in this category are:

Providing an independent appraisal of PMO resource requirements and Job descriptions


Some of the services in this category are:

Many organisations in Nigeria run projects frequently but do not have a properly resourced structure to drive projects through all levels of responsibility. Other organisations struggle to deliver projects on time and within budget consistently.

At Arch-Vision Workgroup, we help your organisation deploy a tailored Project Management System (PMO) and we train your personnel on professional project methodologies. As a result, your organisation attains an improved level of project governance and decision-making.

Which organisations require project management support services in Nigeria ?

Different organisations require different levels of support with their project management efforts. Not all organisations require the structure and discipline of a PMO; however, most organisations require some level of support to enhance their project management capabilities.

The list below describes the types of organisations that require PMO support services.

  • Organisations that don’t replicate success on all projects

  • Organisations that require better alignment between projects and strategic objectives

  • Organisations without a central coordinating system for all project management processes

  • Larger organisations undertaking numerous projects simultaneously

  • Organisations requiring additional support for their project managers

Project document - PMO support services in Nigeria

PMOs ensure projects are reported, documented and managed by everyone handling projects in the organisation – in a uniform way – using the same methods and tools

Key benefits of project management support services

A key benefit of our project management office set up and support services is an overall improvement in the way projects are handled, resulting in more predictable project success.

Other benefits include:

  • Higher degree of consistency, uniformity and professionalism across projects

  • Greater cost savings and efficiencies

  • Improved quality and consistence of management information

  • A greater degree of alignment between business strategy and project selection