Investing in properties for the long or short term requires careful consideration, foresight, sound decisions, proper contracts, local knowledge and of course a trustworthy team.

Our development management service ensure your developments succeed. Be it a private development, joint venture development, estate development or just purchase of landed properties for investment purposes.

We help you mitigate the peculiar risks associated with developing properties in Nigeria in a professional manner that guarantees your investments yield increased returns.

Our development management service at Arch-Vision Workgroup is right for you if you are planning or considering a development. We provide you with all necessary assistance in making informed decisions. Furthermore, our professional support will guide you throughout the development process.

In Nigeria today, there are many complexities involved when dealing with property development. Our development management service addresses all aspects of the development process ranging from initial site purchase, planning and approvals, finance, valuations, sales, contracting and procurement. We promote successful developments by managing all the processes involved using our tailored approaches.

Using our in-depth knowledge of the property market, extensive experience and large base of industry contacts, we recommend options and the best means of maximizing development returns. We also provide consultancy and development management services for other developers and intending developers.

Our Development Management Services include:


At Arch-Vision Workgroup, we assist our clients with property search and acquisition; we provide guidance and support in finding find the best lands for their development projects and investments. We also assist in inspecting, comparing and scrutinizing properties to get the best deals for our clients.

Furthermore, we evaluate and compare the cost-benefits of each property or location and their suitability for the intended purpose..

Our professional expertise and extensive experience has proved valuable in assisting clients to make informed decisions on properties within Nigeria. Also, we regularly assist clients, multinational companies and investment companies in finding the best site or property for their needs using our local knowledge and contacts.

If you are in the planning phases of your project or investment portfolio, contact us today for support in analyzing your options and selecting your site.

” The first step in realizing successful developments is finding the best site.

” We simplify decision making on site selection for our clients by providing detailed site analysis and evaluation.


We provide our clients with an understanding of the constraints of the site and how best to use the site.  Typical constraints include land-use, buildable area, height, number of floors, number of units permissible, car parking, terrain etc,

We leverage on our key industry knowledge and established relationships with town planners and development authorities who assist in providing an understanding of the site constraints.

When necessary we provide schematic drawings to explore the full extents and possibilities of your site. These sketches are utilized in preparing a feasibility analysis thus facilitating informed decision making for your proposed development.


At Arch-Vision Nigeria, our holistic approach to feasibility studies allows our clients to understand and comprehend the commercial opportunities and challenges of any project at an early stage. We carry out a full market assessment; determine the viability of the project; provide technical, management, environmental and financial analysis.

Also, our feasibility studies address issues such as, town planning regulations, soil and geo-technical issues, budget, detailed site evaluation, Return on Investment (ROI) and other concerns specific to the project. We provide this service to evaluate and determine all the factors that affect their projects and to demonstrate potential development opportunities. We use the results of our study together with initial schematic designs to generate an initial development cost estimate using industry cost standards. Our Feasibility Studies assist clients in identifying profitable and non-profitable ventures; they are also used for sourcing project partnerships and fundraising.

” We enable clients make evidence-based decisions on their development projects.

” In consonance with our network of experts, we provide independent professional advice to reduce financial risks.


As part of our development management services, we assist clients to get appropriate funding for their development projects in Nigeria. Some of the specific ways include but not limited to:

  • Assistance in the preparation of presentations, reports and documentation required by public and private institutions for financing purposes.
  • Performing due diligence and co-ordination when negotiating financing with multiple parties.
  • Providing comprehensive advice on the best way to finance development projects.

We also assist in negotiating specific terms of financing proposals and executing of legal documentation when closing out on funding transactions.

Finally, we have recently assisted several clients in sourcing joint venture partners for their development projects in Nigeria.

Our commitment to a culture of integrity has earned us the trust of our clients and have fostered long term and productive relationships.


Some of the other activities we perform in managing development projects in Nigeria include but not limited to:

Contract Administration

We support in setting up proper agreements with all contracted parties involved.

Consultant Appointments

We provide guidance in selecting, negotiating and appointing the best consultants for the works

Design Management

We assemble all design consultants and unify the team to achieve the project objectives from design stage

Sales & Marketing

We coordinate all activities to closing sales and achieving the expected financial outcomes.

We provide professional guidance in the valuation,  purchase, sales and development of landed property in Nigeria.

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