Do these challenges sound familiar to you?

If any of these  sound familiar to you, our Design Management Service is what you need

I need to get my project started on the right foot and not sure of the best approach to engage the consultant architects and engineers

We need to negotiate favorable terms and conditions with the design consultants for our development project

We want to pass our ideas and project brief as clearly as possible to the architects but need help with producing the detailed brief

We prefer a simplified and streamlined interface with all the consultants during the planning and design stage of our project

We need the details of the architects and engineers progress of work professionally monitored

We are not sure if what we need is an architect or a building contractor to design our project

We do not want to be tied into complex contracts with too many consultants during the design stage but need inputs from as many of them

We need a professional team to crosscheck that all our objectives and briefs have been implemented in the designs and documentations being produced by the consultants

We have worked with architects in the past and they have failed to align their designs with our business objectives and project goals

Because of the complex nature of our project and the need to manage information flow, we need a smooth workflow between the architects and our inhouse team and specialists

We have schedule constraints and need to put the design stage of our project on track, can we find someone who can ensure the team deliver the design and construction documents on time?

Our last architect could not coordinate other consultants and in-house team effectively; we want to retain the architect but need someone who can take overall charge of the design and contractor selection process


Our practice consists of team members from the Project Management, Architectural, Civil Engineering, and Quantity Surveying disciplines.
This multi-disciplined competence enables us maximize value for clients during the project planning stage and when managing the design process

Design Management Services

This snapshot of our Design Management services is by no means exhaustive

  • Preparation of the Project Brief

  • Collation of requirements – functional, user, Performance. Technical etc.

  • Assistance in the procurement of other consultants and specialists

  • Design validation for compliance with the Project Brief and client’s objectives

  • Managing change control

  • Coordination with regulatory bodies and statutory authorities

  • Preparation of the Design Management Plan

  • Developing the scope and Terms of Reference for the procurement of consultants and contractors

  • Coordination of design reviews and evaluation of design options

  • Continuous validation of project budget throughout the design progress

  • Cost planning, budgeting, and value engineering

  • Coordination of design schedule & progress monitoring

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