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Arch-Vision Workgroup ranks among the top contract administration and management firms in Nigeria with specialization in construction and IT projects.

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At Arch-Vision Workgroup, the contract administration and management services we provide cover the full scope from the confirmation of need and gathering of requirements, through contract administration and relationship management to the review of contract performance.

Our expertise in reviewing contract terms and conditions and advising clients appropriately sets us apart as top contract managers and administrators in Nigeria. Our teams are very experienced in negotiating a wide variety of contracts ranging from developments, construction, commercial, and management to professional services contracts and many more.

We ensure we understand our clients, their preferences and risk appetites before entering into negotiations. This has enabled us deliver performing contracts to our clients over the years.

Our systematic procedure to the management of changes, claims, variations, extension of time and defects bring tighter controls to the contracts we manage. These tighter controls are necessary considering the business landscape of a country like Nigeria.

Besides these, our consistent practice of documenting all aspects of contracts contributes to our track record of consistently delivering performing contracts for our clients.

” Our clients choose us because we consistently protect them from losses that arise due to bad contracts”.

Other contract administration and management services we provide at Arch-Vision Workgroup include:

Contract Development and Documentation

Contract Reviews

Procurement Management

Preparation of Subcontractor Agreements

Tender Management

Programming of Works

Contract Negotiations and Execution

Claims Management and Support

Contract Close Out

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Our methodologies of administering and managing contracts in Nigeria ensure the liabilities of our clients are reduced to the minimum possible

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