Arch-Vision Workgroup ranks among the top contract administration and management firms in Nigeria with specialisation in construction and IT projects.

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At Arch-Vision Workgroup, the contract administration and management services we provide cover the full scope from the confirmation of need and gathering of requirements, through contract administration and relationship management to the review of contract performance.

Our expertise in reviewing contract terms and conditions and advising clients appropriately sets us apart as top contract managers and administrators in Nigeria. Our teams are very experienced in negotiating a wide variety of contracts ranging from developments, construction, commercial, and management to professional services contracts and many more.

We ensure we understand our clients, their preferences and risk appetites before entering into negotiations. This has enabled us deliver performing contracts to our clients over the years.

Our systematic procedure to the management of changes, claims, variations, extension of time and defects bring tighter controls to the contracts we manage. These tighter controls are necessary considering the business landscape of a country like Nigeria.

Besides these, our consistent practice of documenting all aspects of contracts contributes to our track record of consistently delivering performing contracts for our clients.

Our philosophy to contract administration is that getting the contract documents right in the first instance saves significant costs in a contract life cycle.

Scope of Our Contract Administration Services

Our range of Contract Administration and management services are particularly suited for Nigeria’s business environment.

Managing and administering contracts in Nigeria effectively require an in-depth understanding of local intricacies. For this cause, at Arch-Vision Workgroup we have an established network of highly experienced staffs and consultants who provide specialist advice and support to contracts of any magnitude. We furthermore provide professional support to effectively drive and support complex commercial transactions and contract negotiations.

Our  extensive experience in all stages of the procurement lifecycle distinguishes us as the company of choice for handling contracts in Nigeria. The expert advice and support we provide ensure our clients save cost and time on their projects.

When commissioned, we develop a comprehensive strategy for procurement and purchasing throughout the project life cycle. Furthermore, we systematically analyse all purchasing requirements to establish a Procurement Operating Plan specifically for the project.

We have over the years successfully managed the tender process for clients and contractors. Our unique approach to tender management guarantees our clients get maximum value; at the same time achieving the project’s set objectives.

At Arch-Vision Workgroup Ltd, we make use of best industry software in the preparation of cost estimates and detailed bills of quantities. Despite the highly deregulated and unstable nature of the Nigerian market, our cost estimates always prove accurate. This is because we derive rates directly from subcontractors, OEMs and we regularly benchmark cost data staying current with industry trends.

Our comprehensive tender management service for clients covers the full scope of the entire tender process from coordinating the tender documentation up till awarding the tender.

We support our recommendations with a thorough basis which enables or clients make informed decisions all through the process. Some of the specific activities we perform include:

  • Development of tender strategy
  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Advertising
  • Pre-qualification of contractors/bidders
  • Tender workshop facilitation
  • Responding to queries
  • Facilitation of Technical presentation
  • Tender negotiations
  • Tender assessment and recommendations
  • Award of contract

At Arch-Vision Workgroup, risk management is an integral component of our contract administration services. Every contract has elements of risk and we consider it our job to protect our clients from risks associated with the project. Risk elements are higher when you consider how contracts are implemented in Nigeria and the weakness of the existing systems in enforcing contracts.

We utilize a systematic and formal approach to risk management. We identify all known risks at the inception of the project in facilitated sessions involving stakeholders. As the project progresses, we constantly update the risk registers and employ best strategies to deal with risks. To this end we develop procurement strategies that identify and prioritize key project objectives as well as reflect aspects of risk, and establishes how the process will be managed to guaranty a successful project outcome for our clients.

Our risk management efforts in the contracts we manage have become very effective over the years with the use of our ever increasing knowledge base and lessons learned archives. We therefore advise clients on project risks and appropriate risk responses. We also advise and assist client to set up processes to mitigate known risks during implementation.

Other contract administration and management services we provide at Arch-Vision Workgroup include:

Contract Development and Documentation

Contract Reviews

Procurement Management

Preparation of Subcontractor Agreements

Tender Management

Programming of Works

Contract Negotiations and Execution

Claims Management and Support

Contract Close Out

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” Our clients choose us because we consistently protect them from losses that arise due to bad contracts”.

Contract Administration and Management Processes

When commissioned as contract managers and administrators, we elicit high-level requirements to ensure clarity of purpose from the very beginning.

We develop a contract strategy designed to establish the form of contract; we also provide assistance in determining the formulation and award of the contract, the style and type of management to be adopted during implementation.

Our evaluation strategy sets the direction for the overall evaluation of suppliers and the associated tender process. Furthermore, we work conscientiously to mitigate and remove risks before our clients execute contracts with parties involved.

As contract administrators and managers,

  • We set up a formal framework for communications, defining responsibilities, clear lines of communication and reporting arrangements consistent with the form of contract awarded.
  • We validate the scope of authority of individuals especially those who will relate directly with contractors.
  • We communicate regularly with contractor to review progress and discuss contract issues
  • Finally, we ensure all parties are aware of how the contract is progressing, including any shortfalls by either party and any areas of concern which may have an adverse effect on performance.

At Arch-Vision Workgroup Ltd, we ensure you have the right contract from the beginning in order to minimize risk. However disputes from contractual relationships are sometimes an inevitable reality.

With our in-house capabilities and network of experts we assist clients in reaching an early resolution.

We are committed to resolving disputes on behalf of our clients as efficiently as possible by offering both practical and pragmatic advice while managing and administering contracts in Nigeria.

We identify contract and contractor issues that can lead to disputes and resolve them in a timely manner. This sometimes involves acting on the behalf of our clients to help both parties to come to an agreement.

We are advocates of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), a process where parties can seek to achieve settlement as an alternative to court action.

We also put our clients in touch with the right experts who can help with various dispute resolution methods including: Adjudication, Arbitration, Mediation and Expert determination.

As part of our contract administration and management services in Nigeria, we monitor contractor’s progress and performance to ensure deliverables conform to the requirements of the contract and report violations while pursuing remedies.

We inspect and approve contract deliverables before authorising payments consistent with contract terms.

We also conduct scheduled meetings with each team to review the status of individual contracts and the progress of the contracting program.

Other tools we use to monitor contractor performance while administering and managing contracts in Nigeria include but not limited to:

  • Contractor Progress Reports
  • Performance Assessment
  • Product or Service Inspection & Acceptance
  • Contractor Quality Assurance Plan
  • Earned Value Management (EVM)

An important component of our contract administration and management services in Nigeria involves managing contract records and documentation.

We emphasise the importance of completing accurate contract documentation as a means of reducing risk when planning and implementing contracts. To this end at Arch-Vision Nigeria, we limit potential liabilities to or clients by systematically managing contract documents and records.

As contract administrators and managers, we:

  • We manage the correspondence, data and reporting requirements of projects
  • We maintain a repository of all contract files on behalf of the client
  • We provide documentary evidences to our clients in cases of disputes or legal actions.

We handle the complications associated with contract changes using the Arch-Vision Workgroup Change Management System. Our change management system emphasizes a formal approach to initiating, planning, approving and awarding contract changes. We furthermore administer contract changes and close the changes ensuring that the new effort reflected in the contract change is performed by the parties in accordance with the revised contract requirements.

Our contract change management processes reduce costs, ensure on-time delivery of contract deliverables, performance results, and enhance healthy relationships between our clients and contracting parties.

As contract administrators, we exercise remedies for non‐performance or sub‐standard performance.

We follow through to ensure and certify the successful execution of the terms of the contract and subsequent discharge from it as part of our dispute avoidance strategy.

At contract planning stage, we validate the inclusion of compensatory damages and equitable remedies in the contract and provide grounds for understanding the courses of actions in each case.

In cases of non-performances, material breaches or minor breaches, we seek out ways for remedies before advising a termination or a lawsuit.

In managing and administering contracts our overall aim is to protect the interests of our clients by ensuring performance or otherwise adequate and equitable compensations for non-performance.

We perform all activities concerned with closing the contract.

These activities include, verifying receipt of final deliverables, documenting final acceptance, issuing final payment certificates, archiving complete records of all contracting activities, conducting a review of lessons learned etc

We also coordinate the roles of multiple players involved in closing contracts.


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Our methodologies of administering and managing contracts in Nigeria ensure the liabilities of our clients are reduced to the minimum possible.

Benefits of Arch-Vision Workgroup Contract Management and Administration Services

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