The project management services we provide are structured to address the unique needs of the Nigerian business environment. We also have embraced the responsibilities of being a top project management firm in Nigeria providing support, assistance and inspiration to others providing the service.

We hope that together we will multiply the impact of successful project management in the industries we operate.


Arch-Vision Workgroup is a leading project management company in Nigeria with extensive experience in providing comprehensive project management services for projects ranging from IT projects to construction projects. We have over the years built an excellent reputation for successfully delivering projects on time, on budget and with required quality.

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As a top project management company in Nigeria we use well established methodologies and a project management framework based on the Project Management Institute (PMI) Body of Knowledge.

Our project management teams have expertise on the agile and waterfall methodologies to deliver the full-spectrum of services across every stage of the project life-cycle. We always tailor the scope of our project management services to match each project’s specific needs.

Our approach to managing projects guarantees that our clients realize the maximum business value for the projects we manage.


Our firm currently provides consulting services across key sectors of the Nigerian economy including the following areas:

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we manage website development projects in Nigeria


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Infrastructure development management in Nigeria - a part of project management service


review of architectural drawings for clients as part of architectural services in Nigeria


Event project management in Nigeria


On the projects we manage, we drive down project costs by using our in-depth knowledge of key markets and establishing tight controls over all elements required for cost management.


In order to ensure we meet project objectives, we employ best practice in carrying out our project management services in Nigeria. At inception, we work closely with our clients to gain a deep understanding of the key objectives of the project and then tailor our project management services to meet the exact needs of the project.

Below are sneak peeks into a few of the value added project management services we perform under different responsibilities.

 As one of the respected project management companies in Nigeria, our firm is known for providing clients with the highest level of project transparency. Furthermore, the Stringent cost controls and change order controls we establish ensure the financial interest of our clients are protected.

Some of the ways we manage project costs for our clients include:

– Assisting and advising clients in negotiations with consultants, contractors and subcontractors on the projects we manage.

– We establish cost baselines at planning stages and consistently measure impact of actual costs with cost baselines and budget all through the project life cycle.

– We keep track and keep accurate records of all project expenditure. Additionallywe provide cost reports to client as a basis for making future cost decisions on the project and subsequent projects.

– Assisting clients in establishing cost effective contracting methods for all aspects of the projects we manage in Nigeria.

– Being a respected project management firm in Nigeria, we are advocates of cost effective design solutions, to this end, our inputs in the projects we manage ensure the final design is cost effective especially during product development.

– Finally, we proactively advise clients on project issues that will have impact on project cost and budget such as variations, design changes, delays, market fluctuations etc.

We prepare high level program of works during the planning stages of the project to establish a schedule baseline.

In projects involving multiple contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, we vet and coordinate their work programmes and ensure that they are in line with client’s desires and overall planned project schedule.

We monitor project progress and report schedule variance to client. Our reports indicate estimated time of completion in comparison with planned completion time at every stage of the project.

When possible, we structure projects based on milestones in line with work stages, clients desire and budget forecasts. This forms the basis for budgeting and expenditure planning for the client.

At project inception and all through the project life-cycle, we advise and assist our clients on selection and appointment of other consultants and project team. We also assist in the negotiation of their fees and terms of service.

We present alternative contracting and procurement methods to clients to promote an informed decision. We also ensure that the implementation of the selected methods is efficiently employed on the project.

The approach employed by our project management practice involves the establishment of a procurement strategy that identifies and prioritises key project objectives and; establishes how the process will be managed. This has led to the highly successful outcomes of our projects over the years.

 At Arch-Vision Workgroup, we develop procurement strategies that balance risk against established project objectives at an early stage in the project hence, giving our clients peace of mind.

project management services - preparation of gantt chart

Our success over the years in keeping projects on schedule is a result of our consistent application of well-planned and structured approaches to schedule management.

We advise client on project risks and appropriate risk responses. We also advise and assist in setting up processes to avoid certain known risks during project planning. Our risk management efforts on the projects we manage have become effective over the years with the use of our ever increasing knowledge-base and repository of lessons learned.

The success of companies managing projects in Nigeria lie in their ability to balance the competing project demands in an environment saddled with uncertainties, corruption and a poor quality-culture. At Arch-Vision Nigeria, our risk management strategies are effective in tackling these uncertainties and the peculiar risks associated with managing projects in Nigeria.

We advise and assist our clients in defining a clear project scope which forms the basis for proper project planning and determining a more realistic project budget and schedule; this further assists in establishing procurement methods and identification of project needs and deliverables.

As part of our project management responsibilities, we develop a clear, integrated structure of deliverables and systems that track the project thus ensuring the final product is delivered to the expected standard.

We understand that changes in project are almost inevitable; to this end at Arch-Vision Nigeria, we provide a controlled way of managing changes. Furthermore, we measure and report the impact of the changes to scope on the entire project. This process prevents uncontrolled changes and their negative effects on projects; in like manner enabling clients to make informed decisions relating to changes.

We understand that the quality of any project is determined by the quality standards and criteria set for the work. Consequently. our quality assurance system prioritises establishing testing/inspection frequencies and acceptance criteria for all aspect of works and supplies.

Since we are organised as a leading project management company in Nigeria, we uphold our responsibility for setting standards in the industries we work in. To this end, our projects are implemented using an established set of controls. project procedures, communication lines, responsibilities and task ownership. Furthermore, we establish regular coordination meetings along with constant monitoring to ensure quality conformance.

We inspect the performance of works with regard to quality of workmanship, compliance with the specifications and all necessary testing required for acceptance of any item of work.

The quality function of our project management services in Nigeria provide the basis for measuring the performance of contractors and subcontractors’ works and verifying whether such works meet requirements and acceptance criteria.

The scope management techniques used in all of our project management services prevent unnecessary works, poorly defined scope, contract ambiguities and their attendant effects.

project management services - regular scope reporting


Some of the responsibilities we perform as a prime project management firm include:

Project Planning
Contract Administration>
Coordinating Project Teams
Recovering Troubled Projects>
Developing communication protocols
Cost Management including Project Budgeting and Cost Control
Claims Management>
Review of Feasibility Reports
Contract Closeout Supervision
Setting up Project Management Office (PMO)>
Time Management including Schedule development and schedule monitoring
Risk Management
Systems Integration
Project Monitoring and control>
Management of Change Orders
Managing end to end project delivery
Quality Management including Quality assurance enforcement and Quality Control

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