As one of the top architectural firms in Nigeria, we currently provide the broadest range of architectural services. 

The 8 distinct Architectural services we offer address real needs and are outcomes of our experience over the years in the industry. Jump to scope of Architectural Services


How We Deal With Clients >>>

We treat every client and every project as unique. We operate on a philosophy that no two clients are the same. Hence, our first goal is always to gain an understanding of our clients and their needs. Then we tailor our approach in a way that best address their peculiarities and needs. More also our design solutions are aimed at meeting not only the immediate client needs but also the long term requirements of the buildings we design.

Our clients get the benefit of the expertise and insight of our teams of architects, engineers, project managers and interior designers on their projects. Furthermore, we work in a collaborative process focused on design excellence, budget compliance and better efficiencies to ensure clients get the best. In summary, we put our clients first – always.

Our client-centred approach to design puts the clients and users of the building at the driver’s seat …..It’s their building not ours.

Our design philosophy and passion for continuous improvement is deeply rooted in our core values. These values have enabled us nurture a culture of excellence even when designing buildings.

Our Passion >>>

With a passion to be the top architectural firm in Nigeria, we continuously strive to improve our services. We follow feedback from our numerous clients to ensure we remain at the forefront of architectural service delivery in Nigeria.

Our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and industry-leading quality management systems have enabled us attract and retain clients who value our architectural services.

What sets us apart >>> 

What sets us apart among architectural firms in Nigeria is our focused Integrated Design Process combined with our professional and disciplined approach to all aspects of building design. 

We employ our combined expertise in building construction, engineering, project management, costing and of course creativity to produce every single design. Hence our designs reflect a balance of aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Learn more about 7 ways we differ from other architectural firms in Nigeria.

Our integrated approach to handling projects singles us as a dependable and highly performing architectural firm in Nigeria.


Holistic Approach…

At Arch-Vision Nigeria, our holistic approach to architectural design starts with a thorough process of capturing the full project requirements. We believe that a comprehensive requirements elicitation is fundamental to the successful design and actualisation of any project.

To this end, we work intimately with our clients to identify the project criteria and design requirements upfront; all with the purpose of creating buildings that reflect our client’s ideals and specific needs.

…Client-focused Approach

We believe that an elegant and beautiful design is not a good design if it does not entirely meet the needs of the client – now and in the future. We focus on the client’s definition of “beauty” not ours. This reflects why the buildings we have designed over the years do not follow a single style or form.

Furthermore, our services, approach and design processes are tailored to fit the personality, preferences and needs of every single client we work for.

This client-centred approach is embedded deeply in our corporate culture and values. – We Listen, We Love, We Learn and We Lead.

Value Driven Approach…

All elements in our designs are developed with meticulous attention to detail aimed at producing long term value for our clients.

Our knowledge of materials, costs, methodologies and the realities of construction have proved instrumental in providing the best-value design and execution solutions to our clients.

This approach has enabled us produce innovative design solutions that are effective and responsive, saving time and money.


Our comprehensive architectural services cover all phases of the design and construction process.

We approach all architectural design commissions uniquely; adjusting our expected scope of services as necessary to suit the particular needs of every project. Whether the project is large or small, we tailor our services to meet the project needs.

The architectural design services we provide include:

Our Architectural design services cover the full range of services ranging from initial brief development through design documentation to construction administration. From the earliest stages of schematic design through to construction works, we take the overall responsibility of planning, executing and managing the project from pre-construction through to post construction.

As part of our architectural services, some clients engage us to undertake third party independent design reviews for their jobs produced by other architectural firms in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.  These clients often require our architectural firm to assess and validate their existing design for quality assurance purposes and fitness of purpose. Our technical design review service provides an established way to improve the quality of your design without having to start all over. We perform subjective and objective assessment of the design and make useful recommendations to improve the performance of the design and overall project.

In situations where a design team is in place, our architectural firm is commissioned to manage design interface, and the entire design process on behalf of the client. We perform the role of managing the design team as a non-partisan co-coordinator ensuring the design deliverables fully meets the clients brief and objectives. We also perform due diligence in all phases of the design process from the concept development all through to the detailed construction documentation.

We understand the need to align project designs with business objectives and other identified project objectives.

As prime consultants, we manage architectural, engineering and specialist teams across all disciplines to ensure project design requirements are completed on time and on budget. We facilitate the smooth flow of information among all consultants and resolve design issues quickly, the effective resolution of such issues are vital to the realisation of a harmonious design and minimising unnecessary delays or budget over spends.

This collaboration is sustained all through the design and construction process.

The consultants we coordinate include:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Fire Protection Design
  • Site/Civil Engineering
  • Interior designers
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Topographic Surveying
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Telecommunications Design
  • Acoustics Design
  • Audio-Visual Systems Design
  • Lighting Design

Arch-Vision Workgroup Ltd stands out as a top architectural firm in Nigeria with extensive experience in providing comprehensive project management services for building construction projects. We offer strategic guidance on project governance and project delivery models to clients.  We have over the years built an excellent reputation for successfully delivering projects on time, on budget and with required quality. See more on our project management service.

We assist clients in making informed decisions on commercial viability of their property investments. From the architectural point of view combined with all other parameters, we analyse the site or building to demonstrate potential development opportunities. Using our in-depth knowledge of the Nigerian property and construction industry, we also highlight the design, planning and building constraint issues that might affect its suitability. The comprehensive feasibility reports we provide enable easy and evidence-based based decision making for our clients.

We undertake initial feasibility studies for sites, constructions and buildings as part of our architectural services to assess the viability of the project from all ramifications. We provide this service to determine all the factors which may affect the project. Such factors include:

– Physical planning requirements

– Zoning concerns

– Need for environmental impact assessment

– Detailed site analysis

– Soil and geotechnical issues

– Market conditions

– Review of concept designs

– Budget assessment

– Return on Investment

– Production of cost estimates

– Project constraints

– Value management of the scope to meet the required outcomes

Clients requiring first class architectural services in Nigeria often choose Arch-Vision Workgroup Limited for comprehensive design services often extending to include Interior Architecture. In the past 15 years, we have designed a variety of interior spaces ranging from retail stores and commercial offices, to residential interiors.

Arch-Vision Workgroup has a reputation as a preferred interior design and space planning architects in Nigeria and the firm is known for developing cohesive and complementary interior design solutions that are visually appealing, highly-functional, and durable. Furthermore, our aesthetic goal has always remained singular in that we create appropriate, classic and timeless interiors.

Our interior design service begins with an initial space needs assessment to a comprehensive analysis of current and future space needs. We then use all design elements to create interiors that reflect the personalities and needs of our clients.

Our practice consists of team members from the Architectural, Civil Engineering, Project Management and Quantity Surveying disciplines. This multi-disciplined competence puts us among the top architectural firms in Nigeria.

Already have a concept design but want another opinion?

We provide independent reviews and useful recommendations to improve the

performance of your existing design and overall project.

Lekki Phase 1 estate building

We always assess design ideas against technical feasibility, cost and requirement priorities.

We also view Value engineering as an essential part of our architectural services to clients.

Archvision design Architect


 These are a few reasons why past clients chose and recommended us to others. The list may not be exhaustive but it gives an idea of what differentiates us.


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