primary school children listening to a career talk

As part of our efforts to contribute to capacity development through children education, we launched a new CSR initiative.  The AVW Career Education Initiative focuses on career-related learning programs for pupils in rural and urban slum communities. This initiative will broaden aspirations among underserved children and increase their motivation to learn.

It will provide varied opportunities to underserved children to understand and engage with the world of work. The programs will comprise of high impact mentoring sessions, educational seminars, talk shows, multimedia presentations and distribution of free educational materials. It will also feature in-school career insight talks with professionals from the business world.

Adequate and early career awareness is fundamental to boosting the aspirations of children in slums and remote communities underserved community children. These children will often build future career aspirations based on their socio-economic backgrounds and their limited worldview.

We have embarked on this CSR initiative to change the attitude of underserved community children about the value of education. It will also expose them to the world of work as part of their lifelong career development process.

The CSR Initiative Pilot Program

We implemented the pilot program for this initiative at Hiktoas Community School Ajiran community, Lekki Lagos.  A former staff (now Digital Media Consultant and Youth Ambassador), Tosin Ikuyinminu led the “Career Day” event. The event comprised career talk sessions, media presentations, games and Q&A sessions.

The sessions laid emphasis on the importance of learning and career fundamentals. There were discussions about how talents can fit into natural career paths and how their they can be harnessed. Stories of great men and women who had humble beginnings but became world leaders inspired the children during the event.

The teachers were not left out. They were guided on adopting approaches that motivate students to learn and put in their best. Emphasis was laid on the importance of communicating with the pupils in a way that boost the pupils’ self-esteem.

The Q&A sessions were engaging and revealing.

Mr Tosin Ikuyinminu reported after the program that the pupils need more exposure. He further recommended that they should participate in co-curricular activities that take them away from the confines of their community.


The proprietor and teachers were truly appreciative of the fun and energy the pupils experienced throughout the sessions. The proprietor also requested for more of such programs, noting the potential impact it would have on the children and the community.

After the successful pilot, our Managing Director, Odunayo Lawani said that, “more programs like this will be planned to promote discussions that enable underserved children formulate their views of what careers are suitable to them from a very early age”.

“I am confident that this will raise their aspirations and broaden their horizon. We will continue to seek creative and impactful ways to touch lives and advance the education of children. We understand the profound influence of Children Education as a tool for Sustainable National Development.”

“This initiative demonstrates our commitment to inspire children to become future leaders, lifelong learners, successful people and catalysts for strong and healthy communities.”

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