The Lovechild Education Support Initiative is an initiative of Lovechild Resource Solutions focused on the public primary education sector in Nigeria.

This initiative is aimed to bridging the wide gap between the public and private primary education in Nigeria.

We understand that education stands as a major bedrock in the development of any society, and the quality of life within a nation is determined by the quality of practical knowledge acquired and applied. Primary education also serves as the foundation upon which every other educational endeavor is built, and the foundation needs to be solid.

In Nigeria, the government carries the burden of establishing, constructing, equipping, maintaining and running schools. They also train and engage the services of teachers and administrative staff. In recent years, there has been a serious decline in the educational standards, especially in the public education sector.

As at 2009, Nigeria has a record of over 54,434 public primary schools. A casual visit to a public primary school in most states will give an idea of the enormity of the intervention required to salvage the downward trend, and put the system back on track towards achieving high quality standards within our public primary educational sector.

We realize that this enormous and seemingly overwhelming task cannot be left for the government alone to handle, as several years of neglect has caused an alarming decline in the standards of these public primary schools. This is why LoveChild Education Support Initiative was set up, to inspire a call to action regarding the intervention required to restore high standards in our public primary schools and bridge the wide gap between the quality of services offered in these schools and private primary schools in Nigeria.

In achieving this great assignment, we have adopted Dakwo LEA School, a public primary school in Abuja, as a pilot initiative to show that we can make a difference and have quality education, even in public primary schools in Nigeria.


The major areas of interventions of the initiative include the following:

  • Reading/Phonics classes for the students, to help them learn to read and write properly
  • Trainings for the teachers
  • Provision of teaching and learning resources
  • Repairs and Maintenance of existing facilities and infrastructure
  • Ensuring a safe and conducive environment for teaching and learning

We partner with individuals and other establishments and companies to achieve our mandate and help build the educational sector of Nigeria.

If you have any unanswered questions, please  feel free to post your comments below or send us an email (admin@archvisionworkgroup.com)

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