As your organization grows and your internal and external project needs become more complex, you require a sustainable system that ensures your operations are effective, well-coordinated and producing maximum value. Implementing a project management system tailored to your organization will help you meet these needs.

The clients will help usually have one or more of the issues listed below in their organizations. You can also check these questions to see which of them apply to you:

1. Is your reporting system effective for making quick, qualitative business decisions and do you easily get all the information you need to keep up with all critical aspects of the business?

2. Is there a high level of coordination between your functional units or do they operate in silos?

3. Do you have a uniform and simplified reporting system across all your functional teams and do you have a standardized effective method to track progress across all your departments and projects?

4. Do your project teams use a unified method for planning and executing projects in your organization and do they consistently use it?

5. Are your projects and processes efficient and tightly monitored or are there wastes and inefficiencies that can be curbed?

6. Do you have a central repository for templates, guidelines processes and policies and are they adequate to support your staffs and project teams?

7. Do you maintain a knowledge base that helps you avoid repeat mistakes across your organisation?

8. Is your organization able to drive change initiatives successfully across all segments or it is difficult following through till full benefits are realized?

If you have one or more of these issues, then you need a project management system.

You also need a Project Management System (or PMO) If:

  1. Your organization handles multiple projects simultaneously
  2. You want to scale-up or expand your business operations now or in the near future
  3. You want sustained Continuous Improvement for your business operations

Implementing your project management system – Our Approach

At ArchVison Workgroup, our teams take a holistic view of the operational and strategic aspects of your business to determine the project management system that will work best for you. We do this with a view of supporting the long-term success of your business.
Specifically, we tailor our framework for implementing PMOs to suit the exact needs of your organization with our 6-step approach:

1. Evaluate: We analyze your current project governance structure, team structures, organizational culture, cross functional relationships that exist in your organisation, your methods, tools, maturity level and the peculiarities of your organization. This evaluation provides us with an understanding of the solution that will best integrate with your current system.

2. Engage: We engage top management with the business case and results of our evaluation. We also commence gathering requirements and early buy-in from all stakeholders.

Our approach to engagement places emphasis on the importance of communicating with sponsors and stakeholders prior to developing a charter and these engagements continue throughout the different phases of developing the PMO.

3. Define: During this phase, we define the objectives of the PMO and create the PMO charter comprising the objectives, scope, performance measures, governance framework, structure of the PMO, roles and responsibilities and the reporting requirements.

4. Design: After a sign-off on the PMO Charter we design the tools, methods and procedures particularly suited to your organization. At this stage, we focus on what best suites your organization. We also conscientiously develop the detailed roles and responsibilities as well as the reporting structures and processes consistent with the PMO charter.

5. Implement: During implementation, we ensure the system designed is applied to your organization’s daily operations and we give enough authority and training to the responsible staffs to perform their functions.

6. Improve: By tracking, monitoring, reporting, enhancing and refining the PMO processes, the project management system will be continuously improved. This improvement phase also involves continuous analysis of PMO performance data and assessing the impact of the new system on your organization’s culture to identify areas of improvement

Implementing your project management system – Our Deliverables

We will typically provide the following deliverables when implementing a project management system (PMO) for your organization:

1. Templates for reporting and administrative documents

2. New or revised processes, procedural manuals and standards

3. Detailed job descriptions and responsibilities

4. Recommendations of suitable tools for implementing the project management system

5. Hardware and software installation

6. Strategic change management plan

7. PMO charter describing the vision, objectives, and functions of the PMO

8. Staff training and change management workshops

9. KPIs and project management metrics

Benefits of implementing a project management system for your business

Implementing a project management system will bring several beneficial changes to your organisation. Some of these changes include:

1. Consistent and uniform way of managing projects

2. Enhanced decision making at strategic and tactical levels

3. Reduction in project overruns and increase in project delivery speed

4. Improved management visibility into each project

5. Investments and projects that align better with organisational goals and strategy

6. An improved corporate culture

7. A strengthened competitive advantage

8. A trained, proactive and motivated staff focused on achievement of organizational goals

9. A centralized point of reference for planning and managing projects

10. More streamlined and improved communication across projects

If you are deciding whether to create a project management office or implement a project management system, we can help you determine the best system suited for you. We help you shape the policies, procedures and framework for its implementation.

We also provide the support you require to develop your in-house project management capabilities.

At ArchVision Workgroup, we tailor our services to all clients with an in-depth understanding of local intricacies; and by using proven methods, we guarantee repeatable, consistent and long term success on all projects we manage.

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