Presentation of gifts to school teachers in Abuja LEA Primary School Dakwo

In December 2016, Lovechild Education Support Initiative donated gifts to all staffs and teachers of LEA Primary School, Dakwo Abuja. The Initiative had earlier adopted Dakwo LEA School as part of its initiatives for improving the quality of education in public primary schools in Nigeria.
Teachers of the school received cooking oils and bags of rice each presented to them by representatives of the Initiative.

The purpose of providing them these gifts was to appreciate their efforts for investing in the lives of the children. Mrs Ibukunoluwa Oni said that although the remuneration of the teachers wasn’t at all so great but yet they put in their best to teach the children. She emphasised that such teachers as these in Dakwo LEA School must be commended for their selfless efforts and dedication in spite of the many constraints and challenges they encounter in their work.

The teachers also received personalised letters of appreciation and were delighted to know that their efforts have not gone unnoticed. One of the teachers said during the distribution that they had never received these types of incentives before. He was confident that this will motivate the teachers to do more for the children.