The CSR event is part of the ArchVision Career Education Initiative which focuses on students in rural and urban slum communities. We aim to achieve long-term value creation for children in underserved communities by providing education support. As well as through partnering initiatives that promote children learning.

CSR Initiative at Ajegunle Community by ArchVision Workgroup

ArchVision Workgroup donated textbooks and educational supplies to a newly adopted school as part of our Career Education Initiative. This initiative aims to change the attitude of underserved community children about the value of education. It also aims to increase their motivation to learn.

The ArchVision Career Education Initiative adheres to our philosophy which gives priority to education and children programs, recognizing that every investment in children is a direct investment in the future of the nation.

The donations took place at Jomab Private School in Ajegunle, Apapa – a school within a high density – low-income community in Lagos

About 200 students from the lower and upper primary sections of the school participated in the program. During the career talk and mentoring sessions, Tosin Ikuyinminu, a former employee (now Digital Media Consultant and Youth Ambassador), and Faith Okomayin encouraged the students to focus on their dreams and work towards their highest aspirations, through hard work, dedication, and determination.

Textbooks (Mathematics, English and Basic Technology) and exercise books were presented to the students as support to their parents, particularly those who could not afford to pay for them. Olumide Ologuntuyi, a Project Manager at ArchVision Workgroup anchored the presentations. All the students received refreshments and nose masks during the event.


Speaking during the event, the proprietress, Mrs. Bunmi Jonah expressed words of appreciation for the program designed for the children and for the donations. “I appreciate the support you have given to the students. They are elated. Their parents will be very grateful for these gestures”.

Being also the World Teacher’s Day, the teachers participated actively in the event. The representatives of the company appreciated and encouraged them to persevere in bringing out the best in the children.

The students expressed words of appreciation.

After the session, Faith Okomayin, the PMO Manager and Program Coordinator for Corporate Social Responsibility, announced that Jomab school has been added to our list of adopted schools under our CSR programs. She reiterated the commitment of the company to inspire children to become future leaders, lifelong learners, successful people, and catalysts for strong and healthy communities.”

Faith Okomayin

Faith Okomayin is the PMO Manager at ArchVision Workgroup
December 17th, 2021

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