From early beginnings as a freelance business, Arch-Vision Workgroup has grown into a leading project management company with a mission to make project-success commonplace in Nigeria and the world.

Our history so far has been marked with consistent advancement.

Furthermore, the experiences and opportunities we’ve had has laid the foundation for our present and future accomplishments. 

Our Core Values

  • We Lead
  • We Learn
  • We Love
  • We Listen

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  • Archvision Workroup CSR Primary School Education Nigeria

Lovechild Education Support Initiative

ABOUT LOVECHILD EDUCATION SUPPORT INITIATIVE The Lovechild Education Support Initiative is an initiative of Lovechild Resource Solutions focused on the public primary education sector in Nigeria. This initiative is aimed to bridging the wide

  • Archvision Workgroup CSR LEA Primary School Dakwo Abuja 2

CSR: LEA school Abuja teachers motivated

Presentation of gifts to school teachers in Abuja LEA Primary School Dakwo In December 2016, Lovechild Education Support Initiative donated gifts to all staffs and teachers of LEA Primary School, Dakwo Abuja. The Initiative had

  • LEA primary school Dakwo

CSR: Dakwo pupils receive school supplies

Donation of Education Supplies to Primary School Children of LEA Dakwo Arch-Vision workgroup Ltd continues to partner with Lovechild Education Support Initiative due to its efforts in promoting the education of underprivileged children.

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