Our corporate social responsibility strategy is integrated in our core values and the very heart of our operations.

It is our goal to be as widely recognised for the way we do business as we are for the quality of Project Management and Architectural Services that we provide.

At Arch-Vision Workgroup Ltd, we believe strongly in giving back to courses that make a difference in capacity development and Nation building. To this end, a percentage of profits from every project we execute for our clients flow back into CSR initiatives.

It is our hope that our various corporate social responsibility programs will significantly improve the lives of the beneficiaries and their communities.We are confident that as our business grows, so will the opportunities we have for greater impact on the socio-economic development of Nigeria and Africa.

Our Giving Culture

At Arch-Vision Workgroup Ltd, the culture of giving-back is deeply embedded in our everyday business. We are engaged in partnerships with NGOs focused on education especially among children from poor backgrounds. Our commitment to advancing education stems from the belief that education has a profound influence on the lives of children and is a tool for a sustainable national and global development.

Our Giving Philosophy

Our giving philosophy gives priority to education and children programs, recognising that every investment in children is a direct investment in the future of our nation. We support several programmes that promote the well-being of children and also programmes that encourage students to pursue education without inhibitions.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility activities are focused mainly on two areas – Education and Service. We believe the impact we can make with the committed resources available will be maximized by us supporting activities and initiatives in these areas.


At Arch-Vision Workgroup, we understand that education is an essential prerequisite for human development and nation building and every single investment we make in education is a direct investment in the development of the country we operate in. Therefore, we pay attention to capacity development by implementing initiatives of our corporate social responsibility programs in the educational sector. We will continue to do this in several ways.


We provide financial support to deserving and underprivileged young students at different levels of education. Our scholarship programmes are aimed at promising students challenged by lack of funds to continue or complete their education. The scholarships and other charitable contributions we make highlight our commitment to empower the next generation of leaders in Nigeria.

We have been granting scholarships to Nigerian students since 2010. These scholarships cover tuition, books, uniform and monthly stipends depending on the identified needs.

Students in the following schools are currently benefiting from our scholarship programmes:

  • University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos State
  • Government Junior College, Ketu-Epe, Lagos State
  • Kuramo Junior School, Victoria Island, Lagos
  • Kuramo Senior School, Victoria Island, Lagos
  • Federal Polytechnic, Ede, Osun State
  • The University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria
  • Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State


We are engaged in partnerships with NGOs focused on education especially among children and programs that touch the heart of communities. We also support organizations and initiatives that promote the learning of science among young children in Nigeria.

Our financial and in-kind support for education and community development projects are structured in line with our Corporate Social responsibility strategy.

By us giving to organizations that support this overall effort, we trust we are doing our part to inspire children to become future leaders, lifelong learners, successful people and catalysts for strong and healthy communities.


We are proud partners of Children-in-Science and Technology (CIST) a registered Association in Nigeria aimed at popularizing Science and Technology among children for self-reliance.

CIST is an off shoot of an innovative project Children Science Clinic (CSC) designed for African children between the ages of five(5) and twelve(12) years; aimed at catching them young for Science through out-of-school activities, community-linked and integrated approaches.

CIST also aims to raise the level of scientific and technological literacy for sustainable National development through its conferences and other activities. CIST conferences assemble educators, educationists, scientists, policy makers, implementers, NGOs and Civil Society Organizations for presentations and exhibitions. Children and youth that are main targets are involved in science based activities, seminars, workshops and talk shows. Papers presented at the conference are published in the International Journal of Children-in-Science and Technology (JOCIST) after peer-review exercises.

Since science education has played a leading role in the advancements of developed countries, we believe that investments in science and technology education among children are a positive step towards sustainable technological advancements in Nigeria. That is why we support the initiatives of children in Science and technology.

Children in Science and Technology Nigeria


The Lovechild Education Support Initiative is an initiative of Lovechild Resource Solutions focused on the public primary education sector in Nigeria.

This initiative is aimed to bridging the wide gap between the public and private primary education in Nigeria.

The major areas of interventions of the initiative include the following:

  • Reading/Phonics classes for the students, to help them learn to read and write properly
  • Trainings for the teachers
  • Provision of teaching and learning resources
  • Repairs and Maintenance of existing facilities and infrastructure
  • Ensuring a safe and conducive environment for teaching and learning
  • Archvision Workroup CSR Primary School Education Nigeria

Lovechild Education Support Initiative

ABOUT LOVECHILD EDUCATION SUPPORT INITIATIVE The Lovechild Education Support Initiative is an initiative of Lovechild Resource Solutions focused on the public primary education sector in Nigeria. This initiative is aimed to bridging the wide

  • Archvision Workgroup CSR LEA Primary School Dakwo Abuja 2

CSR: LEA school Abuja teachers motivated

Presentation of gifts to school teachers in Abuja LEA Primary School Dakwo In December 2016, Lovechild Education Support Initiative donated gifts to all staffs and teachers of LEA Primary School, Dakwo Abuja. The Initiative had

  • LEA primary school Dakwo

CSR: Dakwo pupils receive school supplies

Donation of Education Supplies to Primary School Children of LEA Dakwo Arch-Vision workgroup Ltd continues to partner with Lovechild Education Support Initiative due to its efforts in promoting the education of underprivileged children.



As a responsible project management firm in Nigeria, we recognise the need to make our expertise accessible to those who might otherwise struggle to obtain quality project guidance and consultation. Consequently, we undertake professional work voluntarily and without payment to deserving companies and individuals. We target projects whose objectives align with the focus areas of CSR programs and importantly the value of impact of such projects to the society. These free services most often are provided for Non-profit organisations in Nigeria with genuine needs completely free and in other cases on a discounted or cost-only basis.


We encourage our staffs to provide their services free of charge in appropriate circumstances; assisting individuals, volunteer-led associations and charities executing projects. They are motivated to give their time through volunteering and playing active parts in showing our commitment to the community, environment and health; to this end, every staff is given 3 days per year to volunteer to help local charities and non-profits of their choice.


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