For almost 20 years, Arch-Vision Workgroup has grown to become a leading project management consulting firm in Nigeria serving clients as trusted advisors and partners. We have gained this reputation by adhering to our unwavering commitment to excellence, our continuous stand for integrity and reaching company goals only through honourable conduct.

Furthermore, the complex environments we operate has not deterred us from conducting business in strict compliance with applicable laws as well as with the highest moral, ethical and professional standards.

We understand that the importance of conducting business with a strong sense of ethics and fairness is paramount to our continued success. To this end, our code of ethics and business conduct has been designed to aid us in making the right choices by providing clear instructions for appropriate business conduct.

What is the Code?

The Archvision Workgroup Code of Conduct describes how we work in an open, transparent, and honest way to ensure the success of the organisation and everyone within it. The practical guidance we require for making sound decisions in complex situations are provided within the code.

It provides information, support and resources to help us act as role models and leaders in promoting ethical behaviours on our jobs, thus reflecting and reinforcing our core values.

Our Core Values

  • We Lead
  • We Learn
  • We Love
  • We Listen

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To Whom Does the Code Apply?

The Code is designed to help our employees, consultants, teams and partners recognize and resolve the ethics and compliance issues that may arise in daily work.

We also expect everyone representing the company name or working on our behalf or that does business with us to act consistently with our Code. We aspire to do business only with third parties that have a reputation for integrity and are constantly seeking out partners who share our values and standards of conduct.

How is the Code Administered?

All new staffs are given a copy of the code in their first week of employment and trained on the code within the first 2 months of employment.

Every employee is mandated to attest by signing a declaration that they have received and read the code and that they understand it. Finally, an annual training is provided to employees on the code while sections of the code are communicated to employees on a regular basis.

We also have an appointed associate of the firm charged with the responsibility of monitoring and perfecting the implementation and administration process.

Our Approach to Tax

How we approach our tax obligations is governed by our tax principles.

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The Archvision Workgroup Code of Conduct is divided into four separate codes that describe:

  1. How we interact with each other.
  2. How we deal with clients, partners and third parties.
  3. How we deal with information, communication and company resources.
  4. How we deal with society.
code of ethics and business conduct - Arch-Vision Workgroup Nigeria


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